Port City Sound

L-R: Fred Moore (tenor), Walt Dowling (lead), Jim Simpson (bass), Jim Curtis (bari)

With combined barbershopping experience of well over 100 years, Port City Sound is the youngest seniors quartet around, entertaining diverse audiences at restaurants, shows, and parties with its robust and vibrant sound.

Port City Sound has the good fortune to be the reigning championship quartet for the region encompassing Maine and New Hampshire and the current seniors quartet champion for the northeastern United States and the eastern provinces of Canada. The quartet has qualified six times to compete among 29 seniors quartets from around the world for the international championship, most recently in Long Beach, California in February, 2014.

Lead singer Walt Dowling is the busiest retired guy around. He has a day job as a postal clerk in Ocean Park, Maine, and spends his recreational time trying to stay upright on his motorcycle while making deliveries of his wife’s homemade pies.

Tenor Fred Moore has directed the Downeasters Barbershop Chorus and sung in several championship quartets. He is a trial attorney who intends to keep practicing law until he gets it right. His friends who have heard him sing have advised him not to give up his day job (kiddingly, he hopes).

Baritone Jim Curtis directed the Manchester, Connecticut, Silk City chorus for many years and has qualified to compete in the international quartet championship five times. He is a retired HR director who spends his spare time trying to get his airplane to work.

Bass Jim Simpson and his wife Karen are owned by a wooden sailboat which adopted them shortly after Jim's retirement from the VA at Togus. The boat loves their tender loving care and their sails up and down the Maine coast together.

Contact Jim Simpson for more information or to book a performance of this award-winning quartet.