Music Medics Program

The Portland, Maine Downeasters Barbershop Chorus is a nonprofit acapella group that sings throughout the state at a multitude of different functions. We have just recently created a new smaller group of singers that are called the Portland Music Medics, as a part of our community outreach.

Singers in our Music Medics program create teams of 4 to 8 singers, dressed in medical scrubs, and go into children's and pediatric hospitals to sing and entertain those with serious illnesses. We bring these children and their families a positive experience during their medical journeys.

We work closely with children's program coordinators at various medical facilities to visit every other month or perhaps more often. We sing in a common area for family and patient entertainment, or room to room for anyone who needs more personalized attention. Music Medic visits are, unfortunately, not public performances.

The Music Medics repertoire comprises uplifting, fun songs, such as Disney songs or other music focused on a young population. We try to create audience participation and generally foster an environment where kids can forget about where they are for a little while.

This program is growing throughout the country with the encouragement of the Barbershop Harmony Society. As many volunteers can agree, there is no better feeling than to support and help others in need.


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